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Busy and Happy

I was busy last two weeks. In my company we began a new project. There are lots of work and new things to learn.  I also met some friends who I haven’t seen since Covid come. It helped me so much to move my focus more on myself and people who I like and love. The IVFs make me crazy, depressive and isolated.  It is not healthy. I need to change. I used to wake up early and spend  about 1 hour to read books, learn something, do workout, make my to-do list, enjoy my coffee…  These things disappeared during IVFs.  Side effects made me to stay on the bed for more than 2 weeks. I  could only eat a little. Then I had to deal with downs. I need to go back to daily routine. They are the things which make me to feel peaceful and happy.     I went to run this morning. I feel so good. It was sunny, birds was singing and even cars stopped to let me cross the street.  I took some photos of flowers to share with you. They are so lovely, aren’t they?  Summer is gone. I am afraid the pandemic will get

You Do Not Need A Baby

  I am reading some blogs which held by lovely women. I cried when I read their sad stories. I imagined we gave us each other a big hug. And I said „Yes, I know, I know that pain.“ I decided to start to have my own blog. I got a big warm welcome from Elaine, Klara , Mali , Phoenix and Loribeth . I got many positive energy from your blogs. Thank you for your great blogs!   Yesterday I met my prof.  She is a brilliant woman. I like her so much. She is in her 70’s and still teaching at university.  I told her my sad story. Do you know what she said?   „ You do not need a baby!“   She does not have kids either. I asked her if she felt lonely. „Never, I have many friends. There are many organizations which help childless seniors. Never scarred to get older. „  She answered. She told me her story. When she was young, it was important for her to be successful in career. She got her lawyer license in her late 30’s. The separation with her ex followed then.  She was not young when she found h

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