A Simple Day

I am very thankful and happy that my husband supported me during these difficult days for me. Yes, I thought I was ready to accept any result after this 4th IVF treatments. After three unsuccessful cycles, I was ready to accept a life without child. I just want to do the 4th treatment because I never tried a long protocol. I have saved enough money. I do not want to blame me later and say to me „ Hi you should do that, it could be successful, you are bad….
Was it a right decision to suffer from the OHSS after the 4th treatment 3 weeks long?  Was it a right decision to have such big pain after losing it? 

Today on the way to buy some household stuffs I saw this pyjama. It looks so nice. So I bought it. Well, I am sad, a little bit self-conscious, but it does not mean I should look like a looser!  I am really surprised how much this little and simple pyjama makes me so happy. 


PING, hubby’s message comes, he wanted to know if I am OK after the abo. pills. Sometimes sad thoughts of childless life goes away just after such simple things happen in my days, like buying something for myself, my husband bring or cook me my favor food or sending a message to ask if I am OK…… 

How about you? Do you do something actively to let it go?  Or just like me, it goes automatically and comes back again when I see something touching me?  


  1. It's very easy to second-guess yourself, wondering if you made the right decisions. As I have written a number of times, we make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time. You might find it useful to read my blog about letting go of the guilt - https://nokiddinginnz.blogspot.com/2015/07/letting-go-of-guilt.html

    Finally, I found that allowing the joy to come really helped. And just feeling what you feel at the time, without self-blame. I wrote another post here about that - https://nokiddinginnz.blogspot.com/2020/01/no-kidding-2020-project-day-2-feel.html

    I hope you don't mind all the links.

    1. No, Mali. I am reading all your blogs. It give me so much energy. I love it.


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