A Christmas Tree


Christmas is coming. Normally we are not at home during Christmas holidays. This year is very different. We have to stay at home.

I am a Christmas person. I like trees, Christmas market, lights, ginger breads and other stuffs very much.  But I never had a tree at home. I always said  I would buy a Christmas tree when we have a child. I often heard it is too much work to have a Christmas tree. Parents are so stressed during Christmas times. I feel so bad because I couldn’t experience that. But we are not so much different. I think we could also have a nice Christmas holday, with husband, friends... And, also singel person could enjoy Christmas, just listen music, read books or have some nice food. 

I am going to buy a tree this year. I want to have it for me and my husband. We will also bake cake and cookies like people with kids. I do not want to be different......   


  1. Dear TingTing,
    Yes, this year is different for all of us. In general Christmas can be very hard for the childless not by choice, because it centers so much around children and family. But you are right: of course we can have a beautiful Christmas, too! It is all about reclaiming this holiday and finding out what we like about this season even if we don't have kids. I also baked cookies this year :-). And my tradition between Christmas and New Year's Eve has always been to read a lot, eat chocolates and go for walks in nature. This is still feasible this year, at least in my country :-).
    Much love!

  2. PS: I love that you are buying a Christmas tree this year! That is excellent. You are worthy of having a Christmas tree as well <3.

  3. I love this whole post! I'm glad you are getting a tree. We have an artificial tree that we've had since 1989! I love my tree, and the decorations for it. I get a lot of pleasure from it. And I do from the food (I've been baking today), music, etc. And we also get peace and quiet, which is nice. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  4. I'm glad you're getting a tree! I've been enjoying ours this year. I'm going to bake some holiday treats too, which I don't usually do but I feel like it this year! :)


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